Friday, January 31, 2014

The journey finally begins!

First of all welcome to this humble travel blog and thanks for dropping in anyways! If you're new here don't hold yourself back from taking a look at the About Me section to check out who in all world this «Muri» actually is.

My initial «Backpacer Rookie Starter Set»
So after several weeks of intense preparations it's finally happening tomorrow. Together with my trusty 55+10 l Deuter backpack I'm going to hit the road in South East Asia for a half year. I only packed in the most basic stuff, everything else will be acquired during this hopefully epic trip (pretty optimistic, huh?).
So first stop tommorow's going to be Doha in Qatar, which will be the only stopover before landing in Bangkok, Thailand, where shit hits the fan right now. With a price tag of about $600 I was more than lucky to find such a cheap flight, thanks to the miracles of Skyscanner.

Argh, all these red arrows...
Well, of what itienary am I thinking of anyway? First of all I must admit that I'm not exactly a proponent of big planning, I sure want to journey as spontaneously and freely as possible. But eitherway I've got some destinations in mind I absolutely want to visit. So first I'm getting my keister for two months to Thailand, as already indicated above. After exploring the south and north of the (now politically boiling) country I intend to head eastwards to Laos, where I'm probably staying one month. Another whole month I'd like to spend in Cambodia southwards of Laos, accessible along the iconic Mekong river. Furthermore I've got a 2 months stay in Vietnam in mind, tramping northwards the country along the coast with Hanoi as final destination.

Certain changes of the route are of course perfectly possible, if not even very likely.

Now what's more to say? Look forward to further entries to this blog and of course feel free to post some (always welcomed) comments below. Sally out!

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